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College Essay Coaching

How it works:
1. Phone call to create your strategy
2. Feedback and guidance via Google Docs

Since 2009, Erin Bailey Lake has helped hundreds of students strategize their college essays at College Liftoff. See the proven process below, or read examples >>

1. Choose the Best Prompt

Almost every Common App essay sounds like this: 

"I volunteered for a week in a third-world country and it totally changed my life."


"I was disappointed things didn't work out, but I learned to overcome obstacles."

Trust me: you have more unique stories to tell!

Work with me to choose the right stories and tell them persuasively. 

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2. Say "YES" with the First Paragraph

When an Admissions person or Scholarship Committee reads your essay, they want to know:

  1. What makes this student unique?

  2. How will this student help us?

Most writers nail #1 but forget to address #2.

I'll teach you to write a dynamite opening paragraph. Readers will understand the difference you'll make and why they should choose you.  

That's how persuade them to say YES!

3. Lighten Your Workload

How many essays will you write? 

  • Common App Essay.

  • 2-5 Supplemental Essays per school.

  • 2-10 Scholarship Essays. 

It's a big workload! 

Work with me to create 4 "micro essays" instead.

Then, for each supplemental piece or scholarship application, you can insert the micro essay. Add a custom opening and close, and you've cut your workload by several hours. 

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