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Meet I-Cue Communications

International speaking & writing coaches.

Erin Bailey Lake Presentation Skills Coa

Erin Bailey Lake

Owner, Presentation Skills Coach, Drummer

Introverts find peace with Erin Bailey Lake, who helps them confidently share their stories. Extroverts rely on her to help translate their passion and expertise - without going over time!

She coaches internationally in presentation skills, business writing, résumés and interview skills.

Previously, Erin created I-Cue's Social Media Safety education program – a workshop series featured on Jacksonville's TV news, The Association of Presbyterian Christian Educators annual conference, and numerous schools, churches and children's hospitals. 

Active in her community, Erin volunteered with The Trevor Project's crisis hotline for 5 years. She is a proud Ohio State University graduate with an MBA from Southern Methodist University. 

Shelley Bamberger, Cincinnati OH

Shelley Bamberger

Founder, Presentation Skills Coach, Actress

Shelley Bamberger is a widely-acclaimed communications coach, working with multi-national business and professional clients since 1995.

Leveraging her background in broadcast media and theater, Shelley helps presenters hone their content, improve their speaking skills, and elevate their confidence. “Whether you’re a 2 or a 9, or somewhere in between, I can make you better.” 

Along with in-person workshops, Shelley offers remote training

in the skills and technologies of virtual communication. “This is no longer a nice-to-have: it’s an essential core competence.”

Shelley earned BFA and MFA degrees from the University of Cincinnati. 

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