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5 Presentation Tips for Attorneys.

Last week, I virtually coached a group of attorneys.

While this particular group does not spend their time in a court room persuading a jury, they do have to influence partners and clients based on their knowledge and research.

It’s not a surprise that their public speaking mistakes / issues are similar to most people’s. 

Here are 5 examples:

Attorney #1. Make it about the audience, not about you, the presenter.

NO: I’m going to share an update on case ABC.

YES: This morning, you’ll hear the latest on case ABC.

Attorney #2. Engage your audience with relevant questions.

NO: This is how I think this new law will affect our clients.

YES: How do you think this new law will affect clients in your area?

Attorney #3. Use intentional gestures.

NO: Wave your arms and wring your hands

YES: Demonstrate “huge opportunity” with hands placed wide apart; 

Demonstrate “who knows” with hands uplifted in a question.

Attorney #4. Be aware of using filler words. We use filler words such as “um” when we’re thinking with our voices. Close your lips and silently think.

NO: So, um I think the client was convinced.

YES: Based on her initial feedback, the client seems convinced.

Attorney #5. An introvert who habitually drops his volume at the end of each sentence.

What to do? 

Practice articulating the consonants, particularly in the words at the end of the sentence.

Are you prepping for court? For a job interview? For a critical presentation? Contact me -- and let’s make every moment of your presentations count:

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