Communication Training

Create and share your story with excellence.

Shelley Bamberger and Erin Bailey Lake will teach you:

+ Presentation Skills

+ Leadership Skills

+ Résumés and Interviews

Clapping Audience

Did you know?

93% of your believability is based not on WHAT you say, but HOW you say it.

​Work with i-Cue to:

  • Develop and deliver excellent communications

  • Learn the Principles of Persuasion

  • Leverage the Science of Adult Learning

  • Get praised, get promoted and get paid!



in the USA, Australia, Canada, China and Europe

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Frost Brown Todd
Center for Local Government
Amelia Music Studio
College Liftoff

International Clients

I have seen Shelley work wonders;
1) She gives introverts the confidence they need to speak in front of a  group.
2) She reminds extroverts about the importance of body language and vocal variety.
3) Shelley will take the time to coach, guide and make the necessary recommendations needed to deliver an impactful message.

Anne Sigouin
Senior Executive

Shelley took me to a whole new level in my keynote speaking I never thought possible. She helped me see my performance through the eyes of the audience and how to be “in the moment” with each one.
Whether I’m on stage or in front of a camera, I have the skills to 'rock' it thanks to Shelley.

Drew Boyd
International Speaker & Author

Shelley has helped not only me, but also my multi-lingual Johnson & Johnson teams, polish our skills and deliver effective presentations.

Taketo Miura,
Global Marketing Executive

“Shelley is a guiding force among corporate engineers.

From interns to senior associates, she helps us all communicate more effectively."

Johnny Alexander

Quality Director at Edwards Lifesciences

Combining experience, business acumen, and the science of learning with passion for elevating those around her is the heart of i-Cue, Shelley Bamberger.  Shelley’s ability to advance my presentation skills has directly influenced my impact and success with my business goals.

CT Brazeal
Business Leader in Healthcare


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