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Presentation Skills

Team Workshops and One-to-One Training

93% of your audience's response is based not on WHAT you say - but HOW you say it.

Learn to develop and deliver a powerful presentation with i-Cue's Presentation Skills Training.

You'll leverage the Principles of Persuasion and the Science of Adult Learning!

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Presentation Skills: About
Presentation Skills: Services

Choose Your Training

Virtually, In Person and On Site Worldwide

One-to-One Coaching

  • Build your next presentation (script, visuals and delivery style)

  • Practice involving your audience for maximum impact

  • Learn to slow your pace and calm your nerves

  • Achieve career-boosting results

Shelley Bamberger Presentation

Workshop: Top 10 Presentation Skills

Learn the top 10 presentation skills and 44 ways to apply them in this interactive team workshop.

Based in the Science of Adult Learning, this group session is your introductory course, taught in a non-threatening, interactive format. 

Available virtually and at your office. 

Popular for:

  • Elite sales teams

  • Engineers & Service professionals

  • Continuing Legal Education

  • and more!

Shelley Bamberger Communication Skills C

Workshop + Group Practice Session

  • Learn the Top 10 presentation Skills

  • Practice them with your team

  • Receive personalized feedback from trainers

  • Discuss collaborative learning as a group

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On-Site Coaching

You presented perfectly - in front of the bathroom mirror. Performing at your national meeting or tour can feel very different. 

Bring Erin and Shelley along to help you:

  • Maximize your space

  • Anticipate technical difficulties

  • Smooth any last-minute changes

    i-Cue has supported events in almost every U.S. state!

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