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Top 10 Presentation Skills

Learn 10 skills and 44 applications for high-impact presentations.

Popular with:

  • Sales Teams

  • Engineers & Service Professionals

  • Continuing Legal Education

  • Corporate Trainers

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Live Presentations

Work the Room!

Gather your team for a one-day or two-day training.

6-25 Participants. 

Practice the Top 10 Live Presentation Skills:

  1. Know Your Audience

  2. Practice Efficiently

  3. Control Your Nerves

  4. Choose Delivery Styles

  5. Engage Non-Verbal Elements

  6. Maximize Your Voice

  7. Handle Challenging Participants

  8. Create Visual Supports (PPT, etc).

  9. Anticipate Technical Difficulties

  10. Run an Effective Q&A

Virtual Presentations

Succeed Online!

Elevate your skills for a virtual world.

6-12 participants. 

Practice the Top 10 Virtual Presentation Skills:

  1. Know Your Audience

  2. Get to the Point (B.L.U.F.)

  3. Practice Efficiently

  4. Control Your Nerves

  5. Involve Virtual Audiences of 1-100

  6. Engage Non-Verbal Elements

  7. Maximize Your Voice

  8. Create Visual Support (PPT, etc.)

  9. Handle Challenging Participants

  10. Run an Effective Q&A