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College Essay Samples

See the growth from the first draft to the final.

Man at Desk
Typing on a Computer
On Her Laptop

Common Application

Prompt: "Tell us about a long-term goal you achieved."

  1. First Draft: "In high school, I just focused on doing well academically."

  2. Final Draft: "My primary goal throughout high school was to maintain straight A's. Achieving this goal in Honors classes taught me that I could succeed with hard work and dedication, which will help me maintain academic excellence at [university]..."

Supplemental Essay

Prompt: "What have you discovered since you started your college search?"

  1. First Draft: "Your university is not just a small white Catholic school, you actually have diversity."

  2. Final Draft: "[Your university's] Office of Diversity offers vast opportunities that I never imagined a small, tight-knit school could provide. I especially hope to join organizations like FreeZone and the International Student Organization..."

Supplemental Essay

Prompt: "How will opportunities at [our university] support your interests?"

  1. First Draft: "I'm really interested in Engineering and you have a top-ranked program."

  2. Final Draft: "After years in a STEM program with only two other girls, I'm excited to join your 'Women in Engineering Program' and earn a B.S. in Chemical Engineering - without feeling so alone. Also, you truly value freshmen, facilitating paid Co-Ops with companies like General Motors..."

College Essay Samples: Speaking
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