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Silver Threads Part 3: What's Changed in my Top Ten Tips to Becoming a Powerful Presenter?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

In 25 years, only THREE of my Top Ten Tips to Becoming a Powerful Presenter, that have changed substantially:

1. How to practice for an upcoming presentation.

These practice tips STILL work.

--schedule blocks of time to practice your presentation

--practice out loud

--practice to friendly audiences

--put your presentation on paper and mark it up with color coding and stage directions.

However, in 2020, we recognize that most of you don’t have a lot of time to practice. So we teach the FIRST LINE FLASH.

-- Don’t attempt to practice the entire presentation.

-- Instead, practice the first line of each new thought or visual.

-- Here’s the key: Practice them in random order: Slide 5, Slide 1, Slide 8.

Using this method, you’ll find that, the instant the visual comes up, you know exactly how to start your comments. No stumbling or hesitation.

2. How to manage nerves.

25 years ago, most professionals feared speaking in public. They avoided – even turned down – opportunities to present.

Today, professionals welcome opportunities to present. It’s a path to career advancement.

-- You seek coaches (like us) to build this competency.

-- We push you to prepare and practice. Mastery of your material improves confidence and minimizes anxiety.

-- You accept and adopt physiological behaviors that minimize anxiety. Square breathing is one example.

-- You avoid caffeine stimulants which jack up your adrenalin and dry out your throat. Instead, you drink copious amounts of water.

3. Anticipate More Complex Technical Issues.

25 years ago, you were clicking slides. Today, you’re incorporating video and audio clips, plus live feeds from remote sites. You’re using Zoom and other virtual meeting technologies. So a tech rehearsal is far more critical. Ideally, the day before (or the morning of), it’s vital to make sure everything is working and that you’re comfortable with the devices and technologies.

In Parts 1-3 of this Silver Threads series, we focused on what has changed in how presenters create and deliver messages. In Part 4 (final segment), we’ll cover what has remained constant.

See you next time.

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